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The beginning of a summer trip: Cadaques

Last summer like all the years, Teo and I, we are committed to creating the perfect itinerary to do with our car and our tent. I love to go camping, bring me behind my “home”, this system allows us to spend more time out of home, save lot of moneys and visit more places.
We left at dawn from Milan with the trunk full of everything and in the evening at about 21 we arrived in Cadaques, it is in an isolated geographic location at the end of a road climbing on the Cap de Creus reliefs. I must admit that it is worth the trip, the little town is lovely and despite the passing of time the village has maintained its authentic character.
A white and blue stain that suddenly pops out of the rough rocks of the area. Salvador Dalì was usually spending the holidays in Port Lligat which is a small village very close, his visionary and surrealist art often took inspiration from these landscapes.

Tips and Tricks

You can sleep in this great camping called ``Bassegoda Park``

Go to Riba Pitxot, choose a table in front of the sea, relax, watch the sunset and taste the Pimientos de padròn.